A Broadway Review You can Trust

In the city of New York, there isn’t ever a shortage of things to see and do. When it comes to entertainment, the choices and options are endless. However, this wide selection presents itself a challenge: how does one pick and choose those that are worth the expense from those that are not of a quality deserving of your money? This can be a good question when deciding what Broadway play to go see with friends or family that are patrons of the arts.

There are various productions going on throughout the year. Some are longer running, with their productions spanning over years, while others have limited runs, and others go on to become smaller productions known as off-Broadway plays.

To cover these productions, various newspapers and trade journals publish their reviews on the plays. While examining and analyzing the production quality, entertainment, and overall experience of the play, these reviewers are there to guide prospective theater goers regarding which plays are must-see and which can be skipped all together.

One such website of Broadway play reviews is done by Elizabeth Ahlfors, a resident of New York City and an avid theater goer herself. With years of having seen various plays and shows on Broadway, her take on each one is a great guide in helping one choose which show to go see. Her site contains various reviews as well as photos and updated commentary on the productions she has personally seen. This is of great use for those who prefer an independent voice and opinion about Broadway plays. Most other reviewers may be beholden to their publishers wishes and sponsors, thus perhaps altering the authenticity of their review. However, Ms. Ahlfors’ reviews are straight from the heart and genuine in their take on how entertaining a production has been.