Not Theater We’re Used To

When you think of going to the theater you imagine setting off, with a frisson of excitement to see something you know you want to see, maybe even seen before. You have a mindset to be pleased, you’re ready to enjoy yourself.

The production then delivers the best performance, an average performance or was rotten. Either way, it was a one-way transaction. They performed for you. You liked it or you didn’t.

A two-way drama

Counter-intuitively, it doesn’t have to be that way. Theater has the potential to be a two-way interaction as musical theatre shows baltimore md have proven.

The more the audience is involvedÂ…

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Yes, it’s the cast who learn the lines, the lighting director who shines the spot and the choreographer who decides the steps. But attending the theater does not have to be a passive act.

The Globe Theatre in London is about productions of Shakespeare’s famous plays, but it is set in a space where the audience has no choice but to get involved. Honestly, Hamlet can take hours to get through you have to get involved.

Black Box Theater

Is possibly the most intimate of settings. The cast is so close you can touch them. But more specifically they can see you. They know when you’re amused, outraged, disgusted or delighted. When they get the reaction they are looking for the response is electric.

For most theater survival rests on being different

Theaters have a hard time keeping the doors open if they don’t do something different. They need to open into the community and get the support back to stay alive. Anything goes! They open the space to amateurs, they bring in different performance, they make theater education a priority and they possible launch a career or two.